SE Systems Production and Event Services

Since 1973 SE Systems, Inc. continues to provide quality production and event services in this ever-evolving industry. We take pride in our focus that, a client can get equipment from pretty much anyone, but what makes SE Systems stand above the rest is our quality and experienced engineers, programmers, designers, technicians and job handlers assigned to every event. From beginning to end you and your event is given the utmost attention.

Offering LED video screen displays, multi-camera switching packages, media server content services, mobile and modular staging and state-of-the-art lighting and audio. No matter if the event is in a theater, a festival with twelve stages, concert or corporate, SE Systems is able to give our clients the end product and customer service they require and deserve for their events.

Most importantly, our staff!

The average length of time that a SE Systems Production Division employee has been with the company is right at 13 years. Not only is that stability in staff but it enables our staff the ability to share with consistent employees the knowledge we learn to make us a better Production service provider. Having experienced people that are familiar with each other and their work methods help ensure that the complex details of every event go as smooth as possible for our clients.

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D&B Audio Systems at Red Hat Amphitheater

The roots of SE Systems were grounded with providing audio. Audio has seen vast advancements since our beginnings in 1973 and we’re right along with those changes. Our resources from the likes of d&b audiotechnic, JBL and NEXO line array systems, along with consoles by DiGiCo, Midas and Yamaha allow SE Systems the means to provide our award winning sound services for your event. 


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SE Systems is proud to offer LED and arc-type moving head fixture technology. Utilizing  fixtures from ROBE, GLP, Martin & Chauvet we’re able create truly dynamic lighting looks. And, having various lighting controllers from manufacturers such as Avolites, etc, these allow for the quick flow of maximizing creativity and functionality.




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Video has become such a huge focus for many events. We have resources to offer projection and screens to LED walls. The LED panels are modular so screen sizes can vary from “set decorations and effects” to one huge screen!

Our Hi-Def cameras, dolly tracks, jibs and camera switching capabilities provide your audience up-close single position angles and “moving-action” perspectives giving even more energy to outstanding performances.

The Media servers allow content generation and manipulation adding additional visual impact to your event and a source for Sponsorship/Branding exposure on the screens.


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MerleFest Album Hour Staging

The time-saving and more importantly, the safety aspects of engineered, certified, mobile staging has become more of a requirement within the industry. SE Systems had the insight to invest in and utilize the Stageline brand of mobile stages years ago. Each of the stages have load-bearing integral roof systems to support not only lighting and audio systems but they also provide plenty of space for Sponsor / Branding banners.