APHEX PROJECT CHANNEL Professional Channel Strip Preamp, Closeout item


APHEX PROJECT CHANNEL Professional Channel Strip Preamp, Closeout item

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APHEX PROJECT CHANNEL Professional Channel Strip Preamp, Closeout item

APHEX PROJECT CHANNEL Professional Channel Strip Preamp, Closeout discontinued item. Last of our stock available.

The Aphex Project Channel is an extremely high quality and versatile channel strip, that's also easy to use. The Aphex Project Channel also adds the famed Aphex Aural Exciter to the traditional channel strip combo of mic pre and compressor. The front panel is streamlined and is easy to use. The optical compressor features a single-knob ratio control. Using this one knob and the 10-segment gain reduction meter, it is very easy to keep the dynamic range of the signal under control.

The Aural Exciter brings the essence of an instrument or voice out to the front making it easy to hear in a mix. The Big Bottom processor adds punch to your low end in a way that no EQ can. The S/PDIF digital output and dBFS output meter make it extremely easy to get a proper digital signal to an audio interface for recording. The front panel sample rate button allows for easy selection of sample rates from 44.1kHz to 96kHz. Analog outputs are also provide for use with outboard A/D converters or use with analog mixers. The front panel instrument input allows for great sounding direct recordings of bass and guitar. This input automatically overrides the rear panel XLR mic input, allowing the user to keep a mic plugged in.

While it’s easy to find similar products with more features, you’ll be hard pressed to find a similar product that sounds better.

Aphex Project Channel Rackmount Channel Strip Features:

  • Hi Z Instrument Input
  • Class A Mic Preamp w/ Phantom Power
  • Aphex Optical Compressor
  • Output and Compression Gain
  • Reduction Metering
  • Aural Exciter
  • Big Bottom
  • S/PDIF Digital Output


The Project Channel works well with all professional microphones. There is a red LED clip indicator that will light when too much input signal is overloading the preamp. When this happens, lower the input gain knob until the peak LED stops flashing. If the input gain knob is turned all the way down and the peak LED is still flashing, you’ll need to engage the -20dB pad and adjust the input gain knob appropriately. The clean and stable 48V phantom supply is suitable for even the most expensive microphones. The 12dB/ octave low cut filter starts at 70Hz. The filter is a useful tool for removing unwanted low frequencies like air conditioner hum or street rumble.


The Project Channel includes an optical compressor which has proven to be outstanding. It is very simple to use with only an on/off button and ratio control. To get deeper compression, turn up more Gain. To achieve more gain reduction, turn up the ratio control. Note that the units output level may need to be boosted once the compressor has been used to control the dynamics of the signal.


This section includes the popular Aphex Big Bottom and Aural Exciter processors. These features increase power, punch and presence without adding noise or an increase in output level. As a real plus, they are also very easy to adjust. 


Meters are provided for peak output level and the compressor’s gain reduction. The output level bar graph will move upwards indicating level, and the gain reduction bar graph will move downwards indicating gain reduction. The output level meter is DBFS. It is meant to match the digital input meter of your DAW when using the S/ PDIF coaxial digital output of the Project Channel with an audio interface.


Once all processing is set where you want it, the output level may need to be adjusted. 0dB on the peak meter is equal to +24dBU for the analog outputs. 


The Project Channel supplies an industry standard, coaxial, stereo S/PDIF digital audio output. The signal appears on both channels as a mono signal. Sample rate options are available at the front panel

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