Sennheiser Workshop Highlights

Sennheiser Workshop Highlights

Sennheiser Professional was in the SE Systems showroom recently holding a wireless workshop. They featured information on their Wireless Mic systems, In Ear Monitoring and had updated info on the FCC incentive auction. Customer Development & Application Engineering pro Vanessa Jensen and our area sales manager, Phil Rossi were on hand running the workshop. We had a great turnout for both sessions with attendees getting an overall look at the past and future of Wireless technology.

Sennheiser Classroom

In 1957 Sennheiser introduced the first commercial wireless microphone. Since that time they have been the leader in wireless technology providing many levels of pro and consumer products. A number of topics were addressed including inter modulation, true diversity, antenna and room scans. Each of these can cause a wireless issue if not addressed at install or setup. Multiple wireless units can wreck a show if careful planning is not applied. Sennheiser offers solutions to each of these with different levels of wireless products, easy to understand guidelines and hands on technical help through SE Systems and Sennheiser.  

Sennheiser Classroom

An oblivious but sometime overlooked tip is to always use the best coax cable possible, especially with longer cable runs. This simple statement should apply to all aspects of audio networking. Bad cable connectors or signal loss because of cheap cables can add that additional stress factor to any show or install. Please invest in good cables, it will save you future headaches and deliver the signal you are expecting. Also make sure there is an 8 MHZ difference between IEM’s and Wireless units. These are basic practices that sometime need to be refreshed.

Vanessa Jensen Sennheiser

The topic everyone was most interested in was what is going on with the auction of the 600 Mhz frequencies. Any day now a statement will be published with a time line dealing on the future of these frequencies. The word is in 2020 the 600 Mhz will no longer be available for wireless in the USA. This gives uses a few years to replace their equipment. Sennheiser no longer sells wireless in that range but there are many units still in use. Just like the FCC did in 2010 with the 700Mhz, this will also happen to the 600 MHz in 2020. This is a sour note to users who have invested in gear which operate in this range only to find out it will not be usable in the future. The politics behind this is the money gained from selling these frequencies to phone and cable carriers.  Sennheiser, Shure, Audio-Technica and others are forced to deal with the FCC and their rulings. Need we say any more?

Thanks to all the attendees and to Sennheiser for making this workshop a success. We’ll have Sennheiser back in the future. Stay tuned for more info once it becomes available.

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