Making the move to Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries

Making the move to Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries

Making the move to Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries

When you bring up the subject about rechargeable batteries, people seem to understand the need, but, may not see how it can fit in their needs. Rechargeable batteries have a track record of not doing what they are suppose to do. Techs who have tried them in the past, find that they do not last long and are expensive. This becomes a waste of time and money. It is so easy to buy an alkaline choice and not worry about it.

In pro audio, wireless gear is at every event, from handheld transmitters, bodypacks, personal ear monitors and COM systems; to guitar preamps and pedals. Most every theater, event center and concert venue uses wireless gear. Houses of Worship have become some of the largest users of wireless gear in the country. A handful of belt packs can easily expand into a dozen channels of wireless gear. If you are running in-ear monitors, that number can double. Every wireless device uses a battery. Before each show or service, the techs better make sure a fresh battery is in each unit. The last thing you want to happen is a battery going down in the middle of an event.

David Schliep, the national sales manager for Ansmann rechargeable batteries, was in the SE Systems showroom recently showing how the Ansmann technology can not only save users money, they can help save the planet. This German company has been in business for over 25 years. These are not your drug store, consumer grade rechargeable batteries. These are pro grade batteries that meet the demand for the pro audio industry. They have more voltage and longer run times than consumer rechargeables. These batteries have no memory effect and become fully charged in a few hours. The Ansmann chargers are specifically made for these high capacity batteries and are available as tabletop or rack mount units. Fischer Amps makes the full rack and half rack mount units and is the sister company of Ansmann.

Ansmann Batteries

In choosing which model of rechargeable battery is best for your needs, it is good to know what run time is expected. Ansmann offers the Max series AA’s, which gives about 9 hours of wireless mic run time and up to 2100 recharges. It only discharges 1% per month and is ideal for long periods of dormancy for remotes, pre-amps and pedals. For extended run times the 2850 AA has up to 13 hours of run time and only 300 recharges. The discharge is 2% per day, so this battery needs to return to the charger after each use. The trade off is more run time but less recharges. They also have a 9V option, which has 5 hours of run time in a wireless mic and up to 300 recharges, with discharge of 2% per month. AAA, C and D rechargeable batteries are also available in similar configurations.

Making the switch to rechargeable batteries has an upfront cost consideration. But if you are installing disposals in 10 units every week, that is 80 AA’s a month, and almost 1000 AA’s of disposables used over a year. It may be time to look at the Ansmann rechargeable battery solution. Make the switch, help save the planet and spend less money on batteries.

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