New LED Video Screens

New LED Video Screens

New LED Video Screens

SE Systems is happy to announce the addition of our new Absen LED Video screens. We recently took delivery of 150 indoor/outdoor HD LED panels with a 3.9 mm pixel pitch. These high quality screens replace the system we debuted at MerleFest in 2013. They can be used alone or with our camera package to deliver a high definition show experience. Modular panels allow us to design a scaleable screen to fit any stage or design element. We can configure a variety of screen sizes starting with an 18 panel, 10 x 5 foot screen, used in trade shows, corporate events or smaller on-stage clusters. The next most useful configuration is our 50 panel, 16 x 9 foot screen we use at MerleFest. We hang these screens on either side of the stage and one behind front-of-house. For our larger concert events we hang a 24 x 14 foot screen elevated behind the performers. This screen configuration is what we use at the Red Hat Amphitheater and other larger venues, which need a single large screen. The great benefit with a modular panel systems is you are not limited to a screen size. If you need big, we can go HUGE. These screens deliver a high definition picture that has a minimum viewing distance of 12.5 feet. This enables the new screens to be used indoors at trade shows, special event design and Houses of Worship to enhance any kind of show experience.

In addition to audio and lighting, video screen technology is now the most used effect and support for concerts and production. SE Systems is happy to bring this HD visual to a stage near you. Please contact John Lewis ( for more information and quotes.

New Absen Video wall
Blank 16x9 video wall hanging in SE Systems warehouse.

Check out this short video of the new Absen LED Video Screen. This was shot less than 20 feet away from the screen while streaming YouTube content. 

Click to download SE Systems Absen LED Video Screen flyer

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