Lighting the Watson Stage at MerleFest 2017

Lighting the Watson Stage at MerleFest 2017

Lighting the Watson Stage at MerleFest 2017

SE Systems Lighting division was on full display at the 30th anniversary of MerleFest. This 4-day event drew over 80,000 music lovers to watch artists perform on 12 stages. This was the first year we used our new German Light Products GT-1’s along with the GLP X-Bars to give the Watson stage the pro lighting experience it deserves.

For the 2017 festival, SE’s lead lighting designer Nehemiah “Nemo” Grubbs used a combination of new and older fixtures to illuminate the Watson stage. 12 German Light Products GT-1’s were rigged midstage and upstage. “They were able to do about anything we wanted them to do. In wash mode, they provided a nice even wash behind the band, with strong beams as well. In spot mode, they had a super flat beam field that was very even when zoomed all the way out, which is about 60 degrees. Also, the extreme brightness of these made it possible to gobo projections on the back wall, even during the daytime. In beam mode, we were able to get a super parallel beam of light that did not drop in output at all. We were able to hit the tree line no problem. Which was probably 1000+ feet away. Every guest LD at the fest loved them. They were definitely the highlight for us,” states Nemo.

Also in the rigging were 6 of the GLP X4 Bar 10’s used upstage and 8 GLP X4 Bar 20’s midstage and upstage. “They were mainly used a strong backlight wash. But a few times we went into the pixel map mode to make eye candy effects behind the band.” says Nemo. “In addition to the newer GLP fixtures we also had 12 Robe ROBIN LEDWash 600’s and 60 Chauvet LED Pars used around the stage and to light the trees behind the stage.”

For Lighting Consoles we had our Avolites Sapphire for main stage and the Avolites Quartz for controlling the Cabin side stage.

Thanks to our Lighting techs Nehemiah “Nemo” Grubbs and Ted Atwell for a very successful event.

Stage photo’s courtesy of and copyrighted by Dr. Gordon Burns.

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