Shure Holiday Rebates

Shure Holiday Rebates

Shure Microphones has just launched their 2016 Holiday rebate campaign. Starting NOW and going through December 31st, Shure is offering mail-in rebates on their top selling Mics and Wireless systems.

  • $10 mail-in rebate on SM57 and SM58‘s (Limit of 6)
    This includes:  SM57-LC, SM57-X2U, SM58-LC, SM58-CN, SM58S, SM58-X2U, SM58-50A 
  • $30 Mail-in rebate on Shure’s DMK57/52,
    Complete Drum Mic kit – Limit of 2

Click here to download the SM Microphone Rebate Form



  • $30 Mail-In Rebate on GLX-D Systems Digital Wireless systems – Limit of 6 systems Includes:  GLXD14/85, GLXD14/93, GLXD14/B98, GLXD14/PGA31, GLXD14/SM35, GLXD14, GLXD16, GLXD24/B58, GLXD24/B87A, GLXD24/SM58, GLXD24/SM86

Click here to download the GLX-D Digital Wireless Rebate Form

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