MerleFest 2016 with DiGiCo Consoles

MerleFest 2016 with DiGiCo Consoles

MerleFest 2016 with DiGiCo Consoles

SE Systems has just completed our 29th year of Production at MerleFest. We handle the audio, video and lighting for 11 stages on the campus of Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, NC. Over a 4-day period, Digico Consoles were the primary desk used for 7 of the stages.

Digico Console SD10-36 Digico SD11

On Watson (main stage) we used the SD10-36 for mains and monitors. This Digico console has been the workhorse on that stage for 5 years, handling many bands, inputs and guest engineers. For the Cabin stage we used the Digico SD11. This stage has limited inputs and can still be run from the front-of-house mix position. Having two separate consoles gives our engineers the flexibility to reset the main stage while the Cabin side stage fills in between the main acts.


SD10-24 Digico SD10-24

On the Creekside stage we use the Digico SD10-24’s. This stage uses fewer inputs but takes advantage of all the power of the SD10. Many acoustic acts pass through this stage and the SD10’s are totally transparent.


Digico SD9 Digico SD9

On the Dance and Americana stages we use SD9’s as the main and monitor consoles. This console is slightly more compact but full of features and inputs with the D rack.


Digico S21 Digico S21

The new Digico S21 was introduced to the MerleFest stages for the first time this year. This smaller, more affordable digital console was used for both mains and monitors on the Austin stage. On the Traditional Stage, a single S21 was used for both front-of-house and monitors and were mixed from that station.


The Digico S21 handles the mix like a pro, just like its’ bigger brothers. This is the most affordable digital console in the Digico line, but by no means have they cut back on features.

Digico SD10-36 MerleFest Digico SD10-36

SE Systems is proud to bring Digico to MerleFest. The sonic excellence could be heard throughout the campus of Wilkes Community College during the festival. This is a true tip-of-the-hat to the Music and Memories of Doc Watson.

Bryan Smith
SE Systems

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